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Natural Hair Loss treatment Shampoo & Products to Restore Your Luscious Locks

Most of us experience some degree of hair loss at some point in our lives. Around the world, millions of men and women search for hair growth solutions every day. Whether you’re reading this because you’ve experienced thinning hair as a result of stress, age, hormonal changes, alopecia, medical treatments or simply genetic patterns, you’re not alone.

It shouldn’t affect our confidence, but the truth is, for many people it is a condition that we would rather not have to live with. This is evident by the amount of hair loss products on the market in Australia. Each promises hair restoration, but is that really possible, and at what cost to your health?

Hair Loss Treatments

Whatever it is that has triggered your hair loss, the solution shouldn’t be detrimental to your health, or your wealth. Yes, it can be emotionally difficult to confront any degree of hair loss, but you don’t need to add side effects from harsh drugs or expensive treatments to your woes.

The journey towards restoring your hair is also not a one-off, pick-it-off the shelf solution. The reason for your thinning hair, as well as the best way to regain vitality, is different for everyone.

Natural Hair Growth Products

hair loss treatment shampoo, Natural Hair Loss treatment Shampoo & Products to Restore Your Luscious LocksOf course, you want results as fast as possible, but there really is no one-size fits all solution.

While there are a number of products available, we have found scientifically formulated products with natural active ingredients to be the most effective for clients in our Brisbane clinic.

Different products work better for men than for women and for various underlying causes of hair loss. However, all good quality hair loss products focus on the same things.

They go beyond beauty and work on the root of the issue, integrating a deep knowledge of scalp and hair care. They also work to create a healthy foundation for beautiful hair to grow without causing other damage elsewhere.

Best Shampoo for Hair Loss

In our experience, the best shampoo for hair loss is a natural, drug-free one, but remember that just because a treatment is natural, that doesn’t make it any less effective.

There are two natural hair care brands we recommend which are both scientifically formulated, using active plant extracts and start working from the root out.

1. NAK Hair Loss Shampoo

The NAK range of hair shampoos is sulphate and paraben free and aims to rebuild and revitalise hair from the inside out. None of the NAK products are tested on animals and they focus on natural, plant-based ingredients.

It’s all about treatment with vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals that infuse the hair follicles and energise the scalp. From a spray that energises the scalp, encourages blood flow and rejuvenates the follicles through to a full kit including shampoo for preventing thinning hair.

At Meraki Hair Loss Clinic, we love the NAK range of shampoos and recommend it to many of our clients. It’s based on scientific research, and we’ll help to customise a solution for you and support your hair regrowth journey.

PRO|GEN Active Care Range

Formulated by pharmacists, biochemists and hair professionals, PRO|GEN’s Active Care range of products are also among our top recommendations.

This range of hair care treatments can assist with a wide variety of hair and scalp conditions. It combines the exceptional properties of plants with the most effective ingredients to restore the health and beauty of your luscious locks.

This range of hair care and regrowth products comes in a four-step, at home treatment package.

Step 1: Booster – for deep regeneration of the hair and cell activation

Step 2: Serum – stimulates and re-balances the scalp, restores hair moisture and vitality while preparing hair to be washed

Step 3: Shampoo – cleans scalp with gentle thoroughness and efficiency

Step 4: Lotion – a formula using active plant ingredients to intensely and deeply treat any hair or scalp problem


Not sure which hair loss shampoo or products are best for you?

Our hair loss and hair regrowth specialists have the tools to effectively assess your hair and scalp condition. We can magnify your hair follicles up to 1000% and assess the exact issue.

Our cutting-edge technology offers you the best recommendations so you can enjoy your good hair days for life!

Most importantly, we understand that you need an affordable solution that achieves results. If you’re in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, we offer consultations in one of our private rooms. Our clinicians are empathetic to how you feel about hair loss, and we are passionate about restoring your confidence, gently and safely, but surely.

Call us on 0408 971 895 to book your appointment today.


Tiffany & Rosalie, The Meraki Team

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