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Once the shock of your hair loss fades and you start looking  for the best hair regrowth treatment products, you’ll soon see that a professionally prescribed hair growth programme is the first step to consider solving your problem.

How do you protect and prevent thinning hair?

Well, when you start using the NAK range of scientifically formulated products to tackle your thinning hair, you’ll be directed straight to the cause of the problem with a hair loss treatment that professionals swear by. Recent research also indicates that hormones respond better to thinning hair remedies for men when applied in the morning, and women when applied in the afternoon.

NAK has always known that by combining two or more of the right elements, the result is often a more powerful product – but they must be the right elements!

So, to achieve the result you’re after they have combined essential minerals, vitamins and herbs that energise and revitalise your scalp and hair. What you’re left with is a product that strengthens and protects your scalp and hair.

At Meraki Hair we fully embrace NAK’s philosophy for successful hair loss treatment.

We also offer the Mane Hair Thickening Spray as an alternative option.

Hair Thickening Product Prices:

Shampoo And Conditioner $31.95 each 

Follicle Energiser $49.95 each

Mineral Defencel $49.95 each

Mane Thickening Spray $35

Scalp Roller $45

Hair Regrowth Brisbane, Hair Regrowth

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair grow back after thinning?

It definitely can. If the hair follicles are still active, then it is possible to regrow the hair with a series of treatments.

How do you make your hair thicker?

There are a couple of ways you can try before seeing a professional. Things like thickening shampoos and conditioners, over the counter treatments and others are a great place to start when trying to thicken your hair.

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Hair Regrowth Brisbane, Hair Regrowth
Hair Regrowth Brisbane, Hair Regrowth
Hair Regrowth Brisbane, Hair Regrowth