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The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Brisbane – What They Don’t Tell You

hair transplant brisbane cost, The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Brisbane – What They Don’t Tell You

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It is something many Brisbane residents turn to as a last resort in their quest to regain their once thick and lush hair. Looking back at old pictures and wishing your hair was still the same makes you consider many options to make that happen, a common one for many is a hair transplant. 

However, something that not a lot of people think about when considering a Brisbane hair transplant, is the real cost of it. Is it even worth it? What risks are involved? While we don’t offer hair transplant services in the Meraki Hair Loss Clinic salon, we can help you make an informed decision – so read on to discover these answers and more.

A hair transplant works by taking thick hair (if you have any) and putting them on your bald spots. The idea is that these newly transplanted hair follicles will grow out after the procedure and you will have your hair back in no time. But is it really that easy?

How much does a hair transplant in Brisbane cost?

A hair transplant in Brisbane can cost you as much as $18,000, depending on your case and the severity of your hair loss. However, the risks you could be facing are more than financial and potential side effects are many. At Meraki Hair Loss, we believe in natural, non-surgical alternatives whenever possible, but more on that and how it can help you later on.


What risks are involved in the procedures?

As mentioned earlier, a procedure in Brisbane could have a high cost and price, but will it even work for you and what other risks will you be facing? These are the questions you’ll definitely want to be asking yourself before going ahead with the transplant.

Most hair transplants come with inevitable side effects including scars and scabbing. Some other common side effects include:

  • Numbness and pus drainage around the surgical areas
  • Bleeding
  • Itching and swelling
  • Areas of your hair with noticeable differences in thickness
  • Inflammation of hair follicles


It won’t work for everyone


A hair transplant might only work for some people. If you are losing hair due to chemotherapy or have widespread hair thinning, it won’t be as effective and chances are you could be throwing your money down the toilet. If you are losing hair due to an injury or for genetic and natural reasons you will have a greater chance of success. Even if that’s the case, there’s also the risk of continuing balding of your hair post-surgery. 


Are there any natural hair transplant alternatives without side-effects?


For many years, Meraki Hair Loss Clinic has provided Brisbane residents with a range of natural, effective hair transplant alternatives that don’t involve any side-effects. The method that works best for you depends on your type of hair loss and your needs. These may be one, or a combination of the following:



Contact our friendly and experienced team today to learn more about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you! For your privacy, all consultations take place in private rooms in our Brisbane facility. 


We hope you have enjoyed this article and that your question about how much a hair transplant in Brisbane can cost has been answered. If you have any other questions or anything else you would like the answer to, please contact us and we will do our best to help you. 









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